A Look At The
Ladder of Life

Your DNA

DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, is a long molecule that gives instructions to build proteins needed for all of our body’s functions. It contains the completely unique genetic code for every human being.

Half of our DNA or genetic material comes from our father, and half from our mother. Between the DNA of the two, a script is written for the traits we inherit, the possible medical conditions we may have in our lifetime, and factors in our appearance like eye and hair color.

The molecule itself appears like a twisted “ladder” that’s also called a double helix. The sides of the ladder are made up of a phosphate molecule and a sugar molecule called “deoxyribose”. The rungs of the ladder are formed by nucleotides or nitrogen containing regions called “bases”.

There are four nucleotides, that depending on how they repeat as pairs, define every aspect of our being. These nucleotides are:





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